Apple Airport Express Base Station – White

Apple Airport Express Base Station – White

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Now whole-house networking of all your Apple devices is available with the Apple AirPort Express Base Station. This simple but powerful network device can perform a variety of tasks – from wirelessly controlling your printer, to extending an existing Wi-Fi network’s range, to listening to your music library from any speaker in the house.

Like most Apple products, the interface is simple yet elegant. Setting up your wireless network is so easy your kids could teach you to do it. Simply go to Wi-Fi settings, tap your network, give it a password, and you’re done. It’s that easy. Once you’re on, you can manage your network from your iOS device or Mac computer. You can see settings at a glance, make changes, and apply updates.

The AirPort Express also features dual-band 802.11n and Wi-Fi support. This means it transmits at the two frequencies you will most likely use – 2.4GHz, which devices like the iPhone utilizes, and 5GHz, most commonly used by devices like the iPad and Mac. It is also compatible with older setups that use 802.11a/b/g.

But the AirPort Express isn’t done showing off. You can also attach a printer to the USB port on the back of the unit and wirelessly control all print functions from anywhere in the house.

Security conscious users will appreciate the built in firewall, and the ability to set up separate Wi-Fi networks just for guests, leaving your data safe and secure.

Looking for a simple, one-stop solution for all your network needs? Look no further than the Mac AirPort Express. Its ease of use and networking power make it the right choice for Apple users.

Dual Band 802.11n and Wi-Fi
The two most commonly used frequencies can be accessed from the same unit – 2.4GHz for your iPhone, and 5Ghz for your iPad.
Easy Setup and Administration
Setup is a snap – or a tap – and administration can be done through your iPhone or iPad (or Mac). Everything is connected through a seamless interface.
Plays iTunes on Any Speaker
Stream your music library through any set of speakers in the house – using an audio cable sold separately. After attaching the Airport Express Base Station, you can then use iTunes on your computer or your iOS device, and choose which speakers you want your music to play on.
Printing Power
Set up a printer through the USB port, and then print from anywhere in the house. Stop looking for cables and connections with this wireless print device.